Sri Sri Yoga

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Sri Sri Yoga – “Like a flower bud, human life has the potential to blossom fully. Blossoming of human potential to fullness is yoga.”

Sri Sri Yoga is a discipline that is both gentle and powerful for uniting body, breath and mind in awareness. It integrates elements from all the different paths of Yoga where in you get glimpse of Raj Yoga (Sahaj Yoga), Ashtang or Hatha Yoga (eightfold yoga), Karma Yoga (selfless service), Bhakti Yoga (path of devotion with soulful chanting and singing) as well Gnana Yoga (yogic wisdom) making the yoga experience wholesome and complete. It is a beautiful combination of disciplined practices, wisdom, and fun leading to blossoming of your full human potential.

“Yoga brings the knowledge, passion and action together.”

Yoga is not just doing some body-twisting postures – it is experiencing the union of the body, mind and breath – and Sri Sri Yoga gives you that experience. Sri Sri Yoga is taught globally by certified teachers of Art of Living Foundation (registered under Yoga Alliance) who have chosen to teach and promote yoga wisdom as a passion and selfless service to humanity across the world.

“Yoga is a study of life, study of your body, breath, mind, intellect, memory, and ego; study of your inner faculties.”

The practice of yoga has been known for centuries to produce benefits in the areas of heath, mental clarity and spiritual connection. Designed in such a way that practice of Sri Sri Yoga touches all levels of your existence – the body, breath, emotions, intellect, memory, ego and the Self. Thus it expands to benefit not just the outer most or gross physical existence but the inner most faculties are also sharpened. This helps tremendously to integrate the yoga wisdom to day to day living.

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